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  • Welcome to CryptoPool.Farm
    posted 02/03/2018 18:24:22 by pnbamania

    Welcome to CryptoPool.Farm!

    Welcome to CryptoPool.Farmâ„¢. Mine your favorite coin, or point your miners at one of our CryptoPool.Farm and always be mining the most profitable coin!

    If you are a new user, please create an account. Then click "Help", and follow the instructions on that page.

    Why use CryptoPool.Farm?

    •     Get your coins faster! Most of our currencies pay out after 20 confirmations or fewer. Hold the currencies you want to use or think will appreciate in value, and sell the rest before other pools dump!
    •     Low, fee-free auto pay thresholds and fee-free daily payouts are available with even lower thresholds.
    •     Cryptsy integration makes withdrawals a snap!
    •     Our pools run on Enterprise-grade, fully redundant dedicated servers.
    •     DDOS-protected website and Stratum ports.
    •     Our admin never sleeps! Not really, but we do try to respond to users and resolve issues as quickly as possible.
    •     Our modified proportional payout system means that you can be sure every share you submit will be paid. No shares are discarded without being paid. Our method is resistant to pool hoppers.
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